Hello world!

how it was that I ended up with a blog

The idea of this blog is born from the previous experience of an Instagram blog I opened at the end of 2015 with my colleague during a one-year volunteering project in Kosovo. We wanted everyone to know that Kosovo isn’t how people think (war, no services, devastation, and, again, war), so we started to post the amazing pictures we did. Over time, we realised that it worked, and also very well, as a lot of friends began to comment and contact us saying they would have never expected such landscapes in Kosovo.

Since then, I have been overthinking about a blog, considering several problems: first of all, I do not have any idea of how to do it. Zero! Words such as WordPress, domain or SEO were just terrifying me. My ability with informatic is N/A. After this first little obstacle, there was the big question: what to write in a blog? I mean… posting pictures is easy, you just take it and post it, it’s not even necessary to write such a long description. It’s a pic and pics talk by themselves, right?

But then, during my second year in Kosovo, left without work and with too much free time, the famous idea of the blog came out again. I couldn’t ignore it at this point: after two years around the Balkans, I guess I have a couple of things to talk about! So… here we go! I guess… 🙂

Why the looking-glass world?

Do you remember the less popular “Alice through the looking-glass”? Alice is at home, talking with her cat, drinking tea. With her fervid imagination, she starts to think that the mirror isn’t reflecting her living room. The mirror is the entrance to another world, apparently identical to ours. The point is: what if the part she can’t see is completely different? How can you know that, Kitty? The only way to discover it seems to be to enter in the looking-glass house and to see with her own eyes.

Isn’t it like travelling?

“Oh, Kitty! how nice it would be if we could only get through into Looking-glass House! I’m sure it’s got, oh! such beautiful things in it!” Alice through the Looking-glass

Who am I?

Bike trip to Bear Sanctuary of Pristina, Kosovo

I am an Italian girl who loves stories, ice-creams, and trains. This is everything you need to know before starting to read. Enjoy!!






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